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To apply for business immigration in Poland, You have to open there a company (LLC), get a Schengen visa in according to Your Polish company documents, and come to Poland to apply for Residence Permit here.

Our consultant will lead you in Poland in all steps. When you get a Residence Permit in Poland and enjoy all privileges and entitlements which are mentioned below!

Business immigration programme to Poland will give you a many advantages such as:


  • Free of visa travel to 27 Schengen countries
  • Possibility of living in Poland- a develop country in the heart of Europe
  • Your own business in Europe
  • European Funds available to You and Your company
  • Prospect of permanent residency and citizenship of EU


People who wants apply for Business Immigration to Poland programme has to be:

  • Experienced in business
  • With communicative English speaking and writing
  • With no previous Schengen visas refusal or timeouts
  • Well educated, and with interpersonal skills

Part of Poland business immigration process are:


PART 1: Formation a company in Poland (by POA)

PART 2: Visa applying in Polish consulate – Islamabad

PART 3: Coming to Poland for applying a Residence Permit.

PART 4: Receiving Residence Permit in Poland

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